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Our aim is to provide interconnects using pure silver conductors at an affordable price.

By purchasing in larger quantities and sourcing materials direct form manufacturers we believe we've managed to keep our interconnects at a more than competitive price if you compare our products to other manufacturer's products of a similar build type...


Thursday 28th June 2018 | Chris

This week we are pleased to be able to add the new XLR connectors from AECO and new 16 core loose weave interconnects terminated with them. New 110ohm AES/EBU digital OCC SILVER interconnects using those connectors will follow next week.. .

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Temporary Shutdown

Thursday 28th June 2018 | Chris

Apologies for any inconvenience, cirumstances beyond my control required a temporary shut down of both shops, everything will be back to normal by Monday morning, thanks for your continued support. .

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New Products Including Super 8 Core RCA

Saturday 13th Jan | Chris

Pure Silver RCA option added to the Super 8 RCA Interconnects, new tonearm interconnect added. Read More

Wednesday 10th Jan | Chris

New products added over the last week including the Super 8 Core Pure Silver Interconnects with AECO Silver plated Tellurium Copper Connectors, they are proving to be very popular, great build quality and value for money. Read More

New Interconnects For Naim

Sunday 10th Dec | Chris

New Interconnects listed for Naim equipment, check out the Ultimate in "Din Interconnects" various connector combinations available. Work is still ongoing with both the website and our ebay store, December is proving to incredibly busy which has delayed the launch of some new peoducts but keep checking both stores as things will continue to be worked on over the coming weeks.

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Sunday 3rd Dec | Chris

Welcome to Our new website, we're aware there are still a couple of areas that need attention, if you've already placed an order with us, this transition and name change will not effect your order at all, we are monitoring the old email address sales@achtungaudio and the new email address sales@gothicaudio.com, all existing orders are rolled over into the new site. In this time of transition from Achtung Audio to Gothic Audio there will be a lot of changes both to our website and our ebay shop, we apologise for any inconvenience if a particular page is temporarily not functionig but both sites are being worked on with the end goal od proving you with more choice and a better service, many thanks.

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Sunday Dec 3rd 2017 | Chris

We have new products from the AECO range coming shortly, fantastic quality as usual, we are proud to be able to offer well engineered products from a company that pays attention to detail.

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Sunday Dec 3rd 2017 | Chris

Our new PVC splitter pants were launched a few weeks ago and are proving to be very popular, it surprised us just how many people need a tidy option for splitting cables over two channels, the splitter pants are a great way to tidy things up..

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Sunday Dec 3rd 2017 | Chris

New affordable courier services for international customers are so far proving to be reasonably fast and meeting customers expectations, ask us if you're interested in expediting your order.

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FEATURED products

1 pair Of 16 Core Pure Silver XLR Interconnects AECO AMI-1060G Connectors


New AECO XLR Tellurium Copper Gold Plated Connectors AMI-1060G - 1 Pair (1x female & 1 x male)


Pair Pure Silver Super 8 Core RCA Interconnects


Pure Silver RCA Connector aeco ARP-4055 1 x set of 4




ULTIMATE 12 Core Pure Silver Naim Din Interconnects


ULTIMATE 12 Core Pure Silver Naim RCA To Din Interconnect 5Pin


Ultimate Pure silver Screened Balanced Interconnects Pair


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